New Year Yoga 4.1. 17 -18.30

New Year Yoga 4.1.2023 klo 17 – 18.30

Let go of the old and bring in the new with this energizing, yet calming yoga class. The affirmations
take you deeper into the essence of yoga with the aim of affirming positive intentions and
good qualities in yourself not only during the yoga class, but also outside of it, in your daily life.
We will finish the class with a short guided meditation. The class is suitable also for beginners,
and it will be taught in English.

Anna-Kaisa Manolova is a yoga and meditation teacher,
certified at the Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation in Nevada City, California, USA.
She teaches hatha yoga with a spiritual twist – each asana is coupled with an affirmation that
complements the feeling or attitude inherent in the pose. The short, inward pauses in between asanas also help to
experience the energy of each pose more deeply.

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